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I'm a mechanical engineer who loves fabrication and hands on learning.
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As an undergrad and masters student at UC Berkeley, I found a passion for mechanical design. I love to take advantage of all the resources I have to create and bring to life my ideas. Rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing are what I enjoy most because I can turn my designs into reality so quickly.


More of my credentials.


Makerspace Manager

May 2021 - Present

Chapman University

I am working to create and run a brand new makerspace at Chapman University.

Mechanical Engineering Intern

May 2019 - May 2021

Foxeye Robotics

I had the opportunity to work in a cutting edge startup pioneering the use of robotics, artificial intelligence and machine vision to create an entirely new category in the gigantic and lucrative beauty industry. I worked on numerous projects including designing and prototyping a safe end effector and designing a holder for parts that are .15mm in diameter. I gained extensive experience with the Form 2 SLA printer including experimentation with various materials, learning how to optimize the repeatability and resolution of the printer, and performing maintanence.

Structural Engineering Intern

May 2020 - August 2020

Living Loop

In my time working remotely for this civil engineering start up, I worked on CAD designs using Fusion 360 with a team to design modular tracks for transportation pods associated with Hyperloop technology. Additionally, these tracks were designed to be 3D printed for both a small and large scale model.

Undergraduate Researcher

May 2018 - May 2019

Hybrid Robotics Lab

The Hybrid Robotics Lab is a UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering controls lab. I worked on designing a 3D printed cycloidal gearbox for our Thigh-Actuated Bipedal Robot for Extreme Agility. I was fortunate enough to work with the Markforged 3D printer which has carbon fiber infused materials. Both the concepts of 3D printed planetary and cycloidal gearboxes were weighed to determine which would be preferred for this application. I performed tests and analysis on different materials and manufacturing methods to conclude that a planetary gearbox would not meet our requirements and therefore designed and 3D printed a cycloidal gearbox for testing.

Director of Engineering

May 2018 - May 2019

Pioneers in Engineering

Pioneers in Engineering is a student run non-profit at UC Berkeley that provides an extremely discounted robotics competition to 300+ students from underserved high schools in the bay area. As Director of Engineering, I managed and advised the hardware related engineering teams as well as took the lead on sourcing and acquiring the cheapest parts from manufacturers to cut costs. I also created the drawings for our custom parts to outsource in large quantities from manufacturers.

Mechanical Team Project Manger

August 2017 - May 2018

Pioneers in Engineering

I led the 10 person mechanical team in ensuring there would be enough mechanical parts for 23 teams of high school students to run the competition. Additionally, I explored the most cost efficent methods of acquiring and producing parts, both to make certain that we would be within budget but also to ensure that we would not spend too much of our own labor. We redesigned the modular kit metal used by the students for assembling their robots as well as carefully documented all of our processes to apply for grants.

Peru Team Member

August 2016 - May 2018

Engineers Without Borders

The UC Berkeley student chapter of Engineers Without Borders, Peru team, worked to implement rainwater catchment systems that provide clean water to replace the arsenic filled well water in rural Peru communities. In August 2017, I had the opportunity to travel to Carancas, Peru to work with communities members to construct a rainwater catchment system at the local primary school.


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